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Sotorasib (AMG-510) is a first-in-class selective KRAS G12C covalent inhibitor that is orally accessible. Sotorasib irreversibly suppresses KRAS G12C by trapping it in an inactive GDP-bound state. Sotorasib is the first KRAS G12C inhibitor in clinical trials, and it causes KRAS G12C tumors to shrink

Trade name
mynamar mongla pharma
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120mg*120 Tablets
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This drug treats a specific kind of lung cancer (non-small cell lung cancer - NSCLC). It works by slowing or preventing cancer cell proliferation. Amgen produced Sotorasib, commonly known as AMG-510, an acrylamide-derived KRAS inhibitor. It's used to treat adult patients with non-small cell lung cancer with the KRAS G12C mutation. This mutation is responsible for more than half of all KRAS mutations. Sotorasib is a KRAS inhibitor that is being tested to treat colorectal cancer and appendix cancer.
Sotorasib comes in 120-mg tablets and is taken by mouth, once a day, and the recommended starting dose is 920 mg once a day( 8 tablets daily). Swallow the whole tablet always,do not crush or break it. Sotorasib can be taken with or without food, and needs to be taken around the same time each day.
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