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Anaplastic thyroid cancer in individuals whose disease is locally progressed or has metastasized (spread to other parts of the body) and who cannot receive local treatment with PHODABRA 75MG alone or in combination with trametinib.

Trade name
Pharma 2 Vientiane
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75mg*120 Capsules
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PHODABRA 75MG inhibits the action of BRAF, a mutant enzyme that helps regulate cell development. A BRAF mutation causes cells to divide uncontrollably and develop improperly. A melanoma tumor develops from these cells. BRAF mutations are found in almost half of all melanomas. PHODABRA 75MG is a drug that targets the mutant BRAF protein V600E. The medicine stops out-of-control cell development by interfering with aberrant BRAF signaling. It is a signal transduction inhibitor, a form of targeted therapy that aims to prevent and decrease the growth and spread of melanoma cells.
150 mg is used orally twice a day, either alone or with trametinib.
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