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Caprelsa is a prescription medication for treating symptoms associated with medullary thyroid cancer. Caprelsa can be taken on its own or in combination with other drugs.

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Caprelsa is a prescription drug used to treat medullary thyroid cancer that has progressed to other body regions and cannot be removed by surgery. It takes a long time for caprelsa to leave your body, and you may be at risk for caprelsa related adverse effects after you've stopped taking it. caprelsa's safety and effectiveness in children are unknown. These drugs can be stored at temperatures ranging from 15 ° C to 30 ° C.
Contact your healthcare practitioner straight away if you feel faint, light-headed, or your heart is beating irregularly while taking this medicine.
Although not everyone suffers adverse effects, this medication can cause them. If you experience adverse effects, your doctor may prescribe a reduced dose of caprelsa. Other medications may be prescribed by your doctor to assist you in managing your side effects.
It is not recommended to take a missed dose within 12 hours of the next dose. It is not recommended that these pills be crushed. The dosage must be 100 mg, 300 mg
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